Updated – V1.0.1

Added button to view results directly on

Added textbox to display Google Trends within the interface.

Included number of searches under the search terms.

If your CSV file is bank, restart the software and hit “Get Trending Products” then export


Known Issues – V1.0.0
If Amazon does not list a percentage increase (as with previously unranked products) the program may not always detect a null value and subsequent percentage values will be mismatched with the corresponding product.

Ads may be included in the images downloads.

Clothing categories are not included in the generated product links.

Amazon periodically updates how they create links resulting in the links not being generated until an update to the software is made.



Add tooltips.

Display data in the user interface without requiring a the user to download a CSV file.

Additional categories.

Additional Google Trends data.


UI improvements.

Web Based Version for Mac Users