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AzonInsiders is a monthly report that keeps you ahead of the curve when promoting products as an Amazon Affiliate. We do the research and give you the right amount of actionable data needed. Get untapped niche suggestions, consumer trend summaries, monthly trending products along with done for you keyword research, review swipes, top reviews text and the top sellers for the top trending product. 

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This months 2/2020 niche: Vitamin C Serum + Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (Bonus)

Top Trending Product: Drill Brushes

This months 12/2019 niche: Maternity Belts

Top Trending Product: Smart WiFi Plug

This months 11/2019 niche: LLT Masks

A beauty product with a high ticket price and many high priced complimentary products. Laser light therapy masks are perfect to add to high authority existing Amazon review sites or a Parasite. Don't forget top rated face creams to go with the mask.

Top Trending Product: Selfie Ring

If you hop on this trend we recommend promoting this one. UPDATE 11/23/19 - Amazon deleted a bunch of the product listing on their site. We have updated the data accordingly. This is a huge opportunity now that a bunch of YT videos and sites have incorrect links.

Product Spreadsheet Downloads:  

Top Selling Selfie Ring Listings

KW Data For Selfie Ring

Complimentary Products Download

Top Reviews Swipe File

SEO News (11/2019)

Bert Update! Google went live with a new update that seems related to how text is read/viewed by Google. Personally I think it was an update to address a site that ranked with lorem ipsum dummy text. 

Many were surprised to see that happen, including me. So shit text out of a spinner could rank even without a lot of links. Read about it here. BERT was definitely a reaction to this contest. When a site gets a manual penalty and publicity by gaming Google. An update follows shortly.

Popular Consumer Tech Trends  (11/2019)

Apple, Apple, Apple.... iOS 13.2 is causing issues, the new 16" Macbook Pro is out and reviews are good on the new keyboard. All of the new iPhone models seem to be popular as a lot of iPhone owner are upgrading this cycle. We will be emailing a special report on accessories for the new iPhone. The Motorola RAZR is making a comeback too! Gaming headset and smart devices will be popular this year as Amazon / Google / Apple are really pushing these on consumers. Amazon has launched an Alexa for the car. Facebook's Portal is a flop.

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