AzonTrends Affiliate Guide

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See How To Research Trending Products

Build An Amazon Review Site

Critical SEO Steps To Rank It.

Find New Niches

Generate Content For Niches

Evergreen Amazon Tactics To Boost Traffic

Find New Products For Your Niche

Real Life Examples

Sub-Niches and Micro-Niches

(i.e. Festival Outfits, New Garden Tools)

Get More Traffic

Never Miss Out On Hot Selling Products

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Fad & Niche Products | Everyday Consumables | Alexa | Dash Buttons | Deals of the Day…

AzonTrends Affiliate Guide

Get in on the best SEO  & Affiliate tactics.


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Clean simple UI | Stable Codebase | Windows 8 & 10.

See which of the Amazon Daily or Prime deals are trending and get a jump on the competition.

Find trending high ticket items (like the popular Mavic Pro 2 drone 8/16/18) and start promoting them before other affiliates.

AzonTrends Affiliate Guide

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AzonTrends Affiliate Guide


AzonTrends Affiliate Guide Vol 1. 2019

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AzonTrends Affiliate Guide

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